seven card stud strategies

First 4 delivered cards could be major strategy

You would have a great chance to scoop the pot if you are well going with the starting hands with the first 4 delivered cards. In case you cannot have developed this likely you were desired you need to escape out of the game.

The first three starting hands could have a good opportunity for the next dominant forth card. However, these first four hands couldn’t get you win all the time but will win always better than any other.

Note the paired door card among opponent

There could be odds 2/3 that the door card is the part of pair if player playing with first hand and pairs the door card. It means great chance that your opponent poses dangerous set of strips.

Go for betting the playable hands

It is good to bet rather than to check in the game. Many of the times opponents are waiting for you to bet so they can fold and run out of the game.

High pairs are always good

It gives a good value when you are supposed to draw the hands. When a low draw stood with the high hand, the high end would have the edge, for sure.

Take an eye on the board

Taking an eye on the board, it will always allow you to have a great look on the other players as well as making a good hand for you.

Don’t leave the track: seven card stud strategies

You can keep track of the 5’s & 4’s those are on the board and are to fold. These could be magical card that could lead you to have low straights.

Avoid or play door cards

Always take a look with the 8th card and avoid it at times. This will give an ease for your opponents to analyze the cards in your hands and so the progress of your hands.

Be questionable while folding

You should have reasons to fold the starting hands and also those you develop later in the game for seven card stud strategies. Always find the dead card these could be magical for you to develop a great high hands.

Always be reasonable to make low and high hands and develop a competition among the players. If you have no reasons to fold you can process more firmly in the game.

Read your opponents: seven card stud strategies

When you are sit idle and not much engaged with your cards you can pay great attention what is going on with your opponents.

Watch out if:

They have good hands to play rather fold?

Are they are ready to bluff?

Are there chances they can bluff?

Do they have tells?

Caught yourself at bluffing

Try to get caught in the game when you are bluffing and it can differentiate your game that you are not very predictable.

You may lose a few chips when you find nothing is going on your way and it gives a sign of having weaker hands.

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