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Know how to play the razz poker game?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Know the razz Razz poker game is a kind of reverse to the seven card stud game. This is the game where players need to develop the weaker hand instead of highest hand. The hand is somewhat similar to the low hand in the seven card stud High/Low game. Only this that absence is there […]

Seven Card Stud Hi Lo games: Definitions

Monday, September 12th, 2016

High Cards: 9 up to Ace Low Cards: Ace up to 8 (Ace either can be highest or the lowest denominations in the Seven Card Stud Hi Lo games) Split Pair: this is the starting hand dealt with the first set of cards for one of pair cards and the other up. Concealed Pair: this […]

First 4 delivered cards could be major strategy You would have a great chance to scoop the pot if you are well going with the starting hands with the first 4 delivered cards. In case you cannot have developed this likely you were desired you need to escape out of the game. The first three […]

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