7 card stud Hi Lo
  1. Each player of the 7 card stud Hi Lo will be given 2 cards where one will be face down and others will be face up. Forced bet will be made by the player that has upcard by #1 min. $2 max to initiate the game. The moves will go through the clockwise direction and rest of the players can call the first bet, raise or fold their hands.
  2. The 4th card will be given face up and that will follow the betting with $2. From here on as well, players with the highest upcard will have right to first check or bet.
  3. Once the 5th card shall be delivered to each player the minimum bet will automatically increase to $4.
  4. And after dealing with the 6th card face up there will have another betting round for $4.
  5. Final card and the 7th card will be dealt face down and will follow the last round of betting. The deal confirms the winning and the low hand and will be awarded the pot. The best result can get with the best low hand and the best high hand that is a low straight and the hand that qualifies with nobody.

In case it happen ties, the purpose to confirm the first lowest upcard will be card suit will be sub divided in the descending order. This order will be as below.

Spades the highest

Through hearts


Clubs the lowest

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