omaha poker

Whether we are talking about live or online poker rooms, Omaha has now become a new trend among the poker players and it is now second most played game in the world of poker.

For a format like limit or pot limit gaming the Omaha is now most played game. These are the two most spread variations for the game Omaha high and Omaha-8-or-better.

Omaha poker high is quite similar games to Texas Holdem where all the player forcing themselves to win the pot with the best hands them have got.

However, in Omaha-8-or better pot is divided in two parts best high and best low hands. This is where Omaha 8-or-better comes strange because you have to make the best qualifying low best hands.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Imagine if the final board is {{Q, Q, 8, 5, 3}} and the player shows {{A, Q, 4, 4}} and his opponent shows his cards as {{A, K, K, 2}}. In this showdown of the game first player would win.

The pot appears to have for player one with queens and ace kicker. Also, first player qualifies for the best low hands with ace and 4 whereas second player has 2’s ace and 2 makes better best low hands to win half of the pot.

In Omaha 8-or-better players share a high/low hands would mention for the half of the pot, accordingly. Thus, “quartered” word often called in the Omaha 8-or-better.

With the example, it is very sound that 3rd player with the hand {{A, J, 10, 2}} he will divide the portion of the pot with the 2nd player. It simply means that they will receive the quarter of the full pot.

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