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With the ever growing popularity of the poker games in the world of casino everyday hundreds of people are added to the fan list of poker games. There has been a tremendous increase in the number people who play Poker.

On seeing this many poker community planned to open up different schools of poker games for poker lovers. There is no need for you to wake up early in the morning, dress up to go for the classes; all that you need is an internet connection and a computer.

Various professional poker players give lessons, lectures and arrange seminars on how to play poker games. You can attend these classes and can learn more and more from the experience they got after playing on poker tables and mastering them.

If you are a newbie then it is important for you to attend these classes or if you are among any professional poker players then this might help you in gaining experience and sharing your own. These poker schools charge a small amount and there are even those poker schools that don’t charge any fees but these are very hard to find.

The game of poker has been strengthening its roots in the world of casino. Previously, the tournaments that were held comprised of a very small prize but the tournaments that are held now have a big prize amount which is estimated in millions.

Various big and renounced poker communities that are running these schools organize these big tournaments. Today these poker games haven’t remain just a way to win prizes, but it has now become a profession. People are earning their living by playing these games.

In order to master the field of poker games you need to join these schools and become a pro quickly and do wonders on the poker tables otherwise you have to try the other way round to become a pro slowly by keep playing and playing and gaining experience.

When this form of the game evolved then a question aroused that from what kind of material will these poker chips would be made. Then the best option that was chosen for making the poker chips was “clay”.

That’s right, at that time the pros of th poker games played with the chips that were made purely from clay. But, various problems started erupting related to its handling. Due to its mishandling, the chips use to get bent or broken or many signs of dent were easily visible on them. Later on, various alternatives were found for making the chips.

The chips were made from plastics and metals but they were also not up to the mark. Then the people figured out a way to make the chips from partly durable plastic (“Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene” or “ABS”) and partly from clay, this proved to be the best option and is used till date.

There are several advantages of using poker chips made out of ABS and clay which are mentioned below:

  1. No damage to the chips: the chips that were made out of clay were more prone to loss and damages. Since now the chips are made out of ABS and clay, even after their mishandling no damage is caused to them.
  2. Easy to handle: it has been observed that these clay-composite chips are heavy when compared to chips made entirely from clay. This makes handling them more easily due to which there are less chances of them to get damage. These chips can be customized in terms of their weight by inserting a tiny metal in it thereby making them more easily handled.
  3. Better look: the clay-composite chips also give a better look than those made from plastics. These chips are painted brighter and they do not give a dull look.

These are few of the many advantages that led to the circulation of these kinds of clay-composite chips in the casino and outdated the circulation of the chips made from other materials.

Nowadays all the poker chips set available in the market contains the chips made out of these materials (ABS and clay).

Strategies to be adopted while playing Poker chips

Poker is considered to be the best and the most exciting card game ever played. Earlier the poker lovers use to go to the casinos again and again but after introduction of this new format poker chips, the poker lovers can play this game even in their homes and need not go outside.

The people who are new to this game do not know about the rules of the game. Even if they are aware of the rules of the game, it is very important for them to know about the strategies to be adopted while playing poker chips. Some of the basic strategies are enlisted below:

  1. Acquaintance: It is very important for you to know a little about the game that you are about to play. Either you can search for the information by yourself or if you find any problem in doing so then just look out for any person who plays that game or have ever played that game. This will help you to learn about the basics and you may do well in the beginning only.
  2. Bankroll: Make sure that you have enough amounts to bet while playing at home. If you don’t have enough money, you may become the first person to be knocked out of the game. Try to make more money which may give you several retries.
  3. Play hard: Try to make some good combinations of cards so that you may start winning from the beginning. You might have come across various pros at WPT playing a 3-5 off suit.
  4. Bluffing: Most often people are seen to bluff more than they are required. This turns the situation against them. Try not to bluff quickly or in the beginning of the game. You should bluff only when you feel that you are understanding the game and moves of the players.

Well, these were some of the simple strategies to be followed and especially by the beginners. If they keep playing well, within no time they can also become a pro.

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