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If you are aware of what and when to bet then it is perfect but in case you don’t know how much you should bet and raise then it shows a major drawback in your gaming strategy. Here are the easy tips you need to follow to strengthen your betting strategy in poker games.

Most important thing is size of the bet:

If by fortunate you have got very strong hand but there are also the other players who received the same suit on the board. Undoubtedly, if you are going to bet a little amount you are asking other players on the board to find a cheap turn card. It allows them to correct their holding cards and to find something that beats you right here. It means betting low in the game asking others to have guts to take the pots way from you.

Instead, if you go for high betting, risking your money at very instance of time and if the opponents have better hands then it will sound all foolery.

Top pair will be good hand. Also, a big bet in such moment outdraws your opponent with the weaker hands instantly. So, it is clear and sound that betting amount should be chosen very carefully because this is what offers and asks your opponent to play for.

Sizing strategy in no limit Holdem

The most important rule of the Texas Holdem poker games in no limit is to make the bets and size of pot quite relatively. It means whenever you do a bet you should be aware of the size of the pot and the bet amount that how big/small the pot is.

If you have a strong hand then your betting should be in between the 75% to 100% of the pot size.

By following this rule you will be facing an optimum range and will meet your desired goals. It will also reduce the chances of losing the game and force your opponents to draw. But don’t go for risking on high amount because there may be some players who have good hands than yours.

Betting before flop

General Thumb rule in the poker is that your preflop raises four times the total size of the blind.

It is like 4 x BB raise. Your opponents will get a good price even just for seeing the flops at regular interval. However, you will put them in quite a tougher decision making process and who knows if the opponents have bad hands or they are bad players.

If you have high cards like AQ, AK this will be the ideal situation to heads up on the flop and if there are more players with same or near hands it will make it more go when you can develop a good strategy in the game.

Good preflop strategy will definitely let you win over your opponents and increase the chances of winning at putting your hands head up.

The poker betting strategy

The betting size plays a very important role in the game and this is how a professional poker player bets like. Of course, these pots on the table and the hands with the good betting strategy will definitely let you have good commands over the game.

Betting with the 75%-100% thumb rule or the 4xBB before the flop can also enhance your gaming skills gradually.

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