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There possibly a lot of strategies can be developed with the beginning and the advance play for the 7 card stud high low games but here we are offering you regular tips that can really change your gaming head over heel. The main reasons from the tips that how can you do better in the […]

Texas Holdem games are one of the most popular poker games in the world. No limit Holdem has now widely popular amongst the beginner. No limit Holdem is now widely known for Texas Holdem and Holdem is known for poker that simply implies how popular this has become in no time. Thus, for so many […]

Texas Holdem poker game is a community game that can be played among 2 to 10 players. Below are the basic definitions that will help you to know better Holdem games. The first player who serves is known as dealer and from here on the game rotates in clockwise direction. This position of the dealer […]

General betting rules for poker players

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Below are the general terms explained that are used in the poker games. I am describing it for you. Bet In poker games, generally you bet into the pot and the other players will do the same. Your opponents can call the bet or fold the bet. For the real game one has to do […]

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