betting rules

Below are the general terms explained that are used in the poker games. I am describing it for you.


In poker games, generally you bet into the pot and the other players will do the same. Your opponents can call the bet or fold the bet. For the real game one has to do the betting.


This game can be continued without any bet and you will decide you have to put money in the bet or not. You will only have to decide when someone else has put a bet in the pot.


To stay in the hands with the bet and you believe there are no chances for you to win this game. You don’t put any money in the pot and you’re out of hand. In this situation, any amount of money can be lost and some serious decision must be taken.


You put your money in the pot similar amount the betting has been done you will stay with the hands. The game will begin and the next card will be given. If someone discovers it is time to raise hands it will be showdown time.


You put money in the pot similar to the bet size and also added some money (the raise). Now all the players need to call your raise or should fold it here. You also have the chance to re-raise here.


If there are more than one player still on the table and cards has been dealt. Everyone called off on the previous betting before card dealt. In this condition, players have to show their hands. The one with the best poker hands will win the pot. In case of a tie, all hands will separate in equal amount.

Last person on the table will show his hands first then it will move in clockwise direction. If some players want to fold they can at this time of game. Since the poker room distributed winner/s it will also received a rake of pot. It is not much to worry because the amount is few cents/dollars for the house.

Win By Default

If one player folds his hands and the other players doesn’t then this player will gets all the money in the pot minus the rake neither he has to show his hands to anyone.

Betting tactics

Re-raising tactics

See, If on the table someone else’s has raised but you feel like you have got a stronger hand then here in this situation you can re-raise.  Re-raising will force your opponent to put in another bet if he wants to survive in the game. Few poker rooms allow re-raising immediately by both the players. Most of the poker room often allows at 4 bets for re raising the hands.

Check raise

There can be a chance that you have got a very excellent hand and want to maximize it on the table. You will simply not like it good if the game doesn’t go for more than one betting.

You will first check your opponents bet and raise him right away. Now if he calls you will win 2 bets easily. Check-raising is very strong matter in the poker table. If your opponents smell you he also go for checking and you may not win anything or if he has better hands then he will re-raise you.


 This is a very protective way of playing in the poker game. If you have got weaker hands or decent hands and still believe that your opponent has got stronger hands than your then you may check and call. This will help you avoiding the raising on the table.

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