7 card stud game

7 card stud game is a game where splitting of the pot by the high hand winner with an opponent of best qualifying low hand does. There will always be a best high hand but it may not be necessary that there will be low hand.

A hand will qualify for the best low hand if it has 5 denominations that no higher than 8. Five cards from your seven cards can be played as low. However, aces can be lies in both low hand and high hand.

Although, straight and flush in the 7 card stud game doesn’t qualify for low hand but player who has cards end with {A 2 3 4 5} would have the best qualifying low hand in the game. And similarly five high straight will play as the high hand in the game. Both of these hands represent a good hand at the table to win in both ways.

Splitting of the pot in the 7 card stud game always gives a big gain among winning the pot and scooping it. For new players they may believe that the splitting of the pots will be equal to one full pot. Scooping the pot always gets you a stronger addition to stack of chips.

In Hi Lo game players often waits till the half and may lose high and low hands at time. But it is advised that player should go for playing with the hands that has a good chance to win with the best high hands and the low hands.

You should keep remember in Hi Lo game how to get out early with the hands you have. You can do this when you have not the best scoop hand.

If the hands got good chances for high hands and low hands it is great time to turn. You can fold it before opponents grow their chances to win almost half of the pot.

There will be same condition with the high hands when your cards are high but there are chances for any of your opponent to be the winner. There could be splitting of the low.

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