Texas Holdem poker

You are losing games at home or you are spending a few bucks to play online Holdem games but you lose them so easily like you are nobody.

Are you blaming yourself for making mistakes or is there some changes need to be done with the overall gaming strategies you are following in the game.

The fact is, you’re very well versed player and almost 90% near to a real professional poker player. So what are the mistakes you are making again and again? Here are a few tips for you to avoid it when you get frustrated for losing the game.

There are 169 different hands could be possible made. Among these the great 5 hands are as below:






The table plays no role or very less in a manner to be a winner for any player. If you have greater hands like AA no one can really defeat you no matter where he sits.

If you consider Texas Holdem poker starting hands you will see there you can fold 80% hands than you play at the table. The main core of the game would be to play with a rare few hands. Actually, there are really few hands with that we can play.

If there no player dare to open the pot it is easy for you to play with whatever hands you have at then because no one is raising or getting ahead of you.

If someone raises or open the pot you have to be very decisive with your hands. Your hands selection needs to be narrowed down and you need to discover whether it can get you something or not.

e.g. you should avoid playing with the KQ if a pot is open because AA,KK,QQ,JJ, AK, AQ will dominated the hands.

As a new poker player you prefer to play with the first top 15 great hands only. This can helps you knowing the games more closely and build a confidence in you.

Once you started winning you will find your own strategies that no one can guide you and you will become choosier at a time to pick hands while playing with your opponents.

The great top 15 hands are as below for a guide:

  1. AA
  2. KK
  3. QQ
  4. AK (Suited)
  5. JJ
  6. 1010
  7. AQ (Suited)
  8. AJ (Suited)
  9. AK (Off suit)
  10. KQ (Suited)
  11. A10 (Suited)
  12. KJ (Suited)
  13. AQ (off suit)
  14. 99
  15. JQ

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