Limit Texas Holdem Poker

Limit Texas Holdem Poker is the most famous game among several poker games. The reason for its gaining popularity is that the betting amount is limited in this game. This factor makes this game more easy and even the people who are miser can also play this game easily as there is limited liability of the players.

Suppose you are playing at a 50c/$1 Limit Texas Holdem Poker table, the maximum increments that you will get will be 50c for the pre-flop and flop, and $1 for every turn and river.

On a Limit Poker table often the player with an upper hand is most likely to win. This is so because the players stay in the game and asks for a show of cards. But if you are playing in a No Limit Poker room, the players are likely to continue playing and thereby losing a huge amount.

It is noteworthy that if you are playing on a no-limit table, then you must include as many players in the game as possible. Make a try to place the first bet so that your opponents must think that you are having a weak hand.

After you have reached to the turn, start putting as many pots as you can. This will lead the opponents to place as many bets as they can without knowing about your strong position.

After this, you’ll come to know that you have nearly won the game and earned a big amount. Hope this article proved out to be beneficial for you.

Well, we all know how popular is Texas holdem games in poker world. Texas Holdem is the most famous poker game played on at least every online gaming site. Let us discuss about some of the easy tips for the beginners to the game. Out of hundreds of tips, some of the few easy tips are mentioned below:

  • The first thing to be kept in mind is to follow a strict hand selection guide while beginning the game. The more you wander away from starting hands such as pocket pairs, high-suited connectors or variations of A/K, A/Q, A/J, more are the chances for you to lose the game and money.

  • Many times you will be able to bluff while playing Holdem. Suppose, if your opponent makes a pre-flop and the flop is 10, 7, 6, you need not worry about his move which made him hit the board. He might have an overpair, but typically they will have a hand like A/K, A/Q, K/Q thereby making a c-bet. The beginners might not be aware of the term “c-bet”. Well, c-bet stands for a continuation bet. It is basically a strategy which occurs when you bet on the flop after you have raised a pre-flop. This means that you are making bet in succession to each other, i.e., bet after your own bet. This strategy is adopted to show your upper hand in the game. Even if you have not done well in the game so far, this is your chance. Go ahead and make a nice sized raise to gain your hold on the game.

  • When you have an upper hand in the game, just, make them build the pot for you until the river. It is in common practice that the newbie bet the players who have an upper hand too much and never get paid off. But sometimes you should slow down a little and see if you can win more chips from your opponents.

I hope this article proved out to be beneficial for you. So, the next time you play Texas Holdem be careful and have patience and don’t hasten up otherwise you may end up losing your money.

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