7 Card Stud Game

Before the Texas Holdem poker games find its great popularity, the seven card stud game was more popular poker variations in US. Seven card stud need to have 2 to 8 players to play the 7 card stud.

The one of the major difference between the Texas Holdem game and seven card stud game is the involvement of the flop excluded in the seven card stud game. There are many cases when 7 card stud doesn’t involve community cards as well.

To play the 7 card stud each player on the table has been given hands in which each hand has two cards face down and the two cards face up. This is also known as ‘Third Street’ of the game.

The two faces down cards are called as ‘Hole cards’ and the face up cards are commonly known as the ‘Door card’. These cards are enough for a player on the table to decide where he should continue in the game or not.

Of course, the starting hands in seven card stud play a major role and it is highly important with any poker variation.

Like its name, each player has given seven cards throughout the game to deal with. In which 3 cards dealt face down and the four cards are dealt face up.

Among the five cards given to a player, s/he decides his best five card combination as a hand. The ranking of the hands in seven card stud game is as similar to Texas Holdem or Omaha.

A royal flush is the greatest hand a player could ever make in the game. The worst hand is the high card hand with no pair at all.

Important things to remember in 7 card stud

The 1st round in the seven card stud begins with the dealing of two cards, face up and face down that is also known as “hole cards” and “door card”.

Then Next round begins dealing 4th street, 5th street and the 6th street.

Finally, the river comes at the end. Total seven cards are dealt to each player on the table. A player makes his best hands among the 7 cards given to win the game.

The 7 card stud variations are as simple and similar to Texas Holdem or Omaha poker.

You can see the image attached to explain you more about seven card stud game.

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