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Know the razz

Razz poker game is a kind of reverse to the seven card stud game. This is the game where players need to develop the weaker hand instead of highest hand. The hand is somewhat similar to the low hand in the seven card stud High/Low game. Only this that absence is there no qualify rules follow to win. It is simple and the lowest hand will always.

General rules

This is the game that can be played by 2 to 8 players maximum.

Ace is the lowest card in the game.

Best hand in the game is {Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Straight and flushes don’t count at all

Betting structure of the game

There is no fixed betting structure for the Razz poker game. A game possibly can be played with fixed, no limit and the pot limit betting. Fixed limit betting structure are hardly seen because it shows what is amount a player can bet/raise at any time in the razz poker game.

There will be five betting round. Bet and raises are made very equal to the small bet in the first 2 betting round and the last 3 round has the highest bet.

Forced betting structure

Comparing to blind bets in poker games like Texas Holdem and Omaha, this razz poker game uses the decent rule for antes and bring-in.

Ante: this will be known as the smallest bet done by the entire player in the game. This is always will not be more than 25% as the smallest bet in the game.

Bring-in: after the starting hands delivered the entire player will be given 3 cards, 2 will be face down and the one will be face up. Face up card also called as the door card. The player that will have the highest door card will place the bring-in first and it will be half of the small bet. In case of a tie for the highest door card suit will decide whom to bet first.

Play the game

The high card draw decides the position of the dealer in the game. All the players will have the right to place ante bet after the dealer in the clockwise direction.

Players will be delivered the cards until each player receives the first 3 cards. First 2 cards are dealt face down and the one card will be dealt face up. Face down card will be called as hole cards and the face up card is door card.

Player that has the highest door card will place the bring-in of the first round and the other player will follow the dealer.

4th street: 4th card dealt with each player and that will be face up. Now here the 2nd betting round will start and players shall start the bet which has the lowest open hand in the game.

5th street: now this is the time when 5th card will be dealt face up to each player in the clockwise direction. Now, the 3rd round of betting will start here. Bet and raises need to be equal to the highest bet of the game.

6th street: now, 6th card will be delivered to each player face up and it will be start of another betting round.

7th street: last and the final card will be given to each player at this stage. It will be face down and this round of betting will be the last round of betting or called final betting.

Showdown: sometimes in razz poker game, players’ fold quite often that makes a player winner before the showdown time come. But if in the game 2 or more player remains there a showdown will take place. All players will use their given 7 cards to develop the best lowest possible hand. And the player with the lowest hand will win the entire pot.

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