Texas Holdem poker games

Texas Holdem poker game is a community game that can be played among 2 to 10 players. Below are the basic definitions that will help you to know better Holdem games.

  1. The first player who serves is known as dealer and from here on the game rotates in clockwise direction. This position of the dealer is also called as button.
  • Small blind and the big blind are the two people called who sit at the very next two positions to the dealer.
  • The small and big blind positions require a force bets for an early determined amount of bet and he would be the only player that put the money before cards are dealt.
  • Hole cards are the next. These are the cards that are received by every player on the table. The number of the cards will be two.
  • The first betting round begins after hole cards are dealt. Now the first betting round will start among the player on the table. Here on the players can call, fold, bet raise for the betting amount they want to.
  • The betting will begin and it will go smoothly in clockwise direction from the dealer to then end players. Now each player will be given option to fold, call, bet and raise.
  • The 3 community cards will be faced up after the betting completed. This is also known as flop.
  • Now the second round of betting can take place with the remaining players from the first round of betting. It’s again the betting will move clockwise and players can perform their actions.
  • Now after third round of betting finished, the 4th community card is flipped face up on the table. This is commonly known as button.
  1. 3rd round of betting will begin with the remaining players sitting on the left of the table.
  1. Now this is the time of the third round of betting to get over. The 5th community card will be flipped face up. This is also commonly known as river.
  1. Now the 4th round of betting will start. The remaining players from the last table will participate with this betting on the left. This betting will now move again in the clockwise directions.

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