london lowball

London lowball is another variation of poker that is quite similar to the razz poker. No one can say which of them had come into existence first but the razz has wide popularity than London lowball poker.

London lowball is the game where each player is dealt 7 card and the player is responsible to make best hand using the 5 dealt card. The player is having the best hand announced as the winner in the game.

It is not possible for anyone to play London lowball online but you can play razz game instead. Both of the games are very similar even though they have different orientation.

But if you are master in one game you will be master in another. So, jumping to play from one will not be a problem for a player. Still, there are a few differences between London lowball and the razz poker games that might not chance the pattern of game, indeed.

Difference between razz and London lowball:

The only thing that differ the razz to London low ball is; in razz straights and flushes are not count at all but in London lowball straights and flushes do count.

So, it is clear that instead of being best hand as {Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5}, the best hand would be {Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5} off suit.

Another point is different in the London low ball and the razz poker game is the pot. In London lowball, it is played as a pot limit game but in razz poker it is played as the limit poker game.

Antes & Bring-in betting works similar but the amount would be different because London lowball size limit is the pot.

The best part of both the game is that if you can play you will be soon master with another. It is very unfortunate that no online casinos offer London lowball but still you can play razz poker game online in many poker rooms.

You may like to be master in the razz, so, would advise you to read the intermediate & Expert strategy guide for the razz poker games.

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