5 card stud game

5 card stud game is a very simple game where you are aware with most of the card of your opponents. You can easily compare what hands your opponents are building and that will also gives you an idea how to build hand for yourself.

Bluffing here in the 5 card stud game plays a vital role for no doubt. Below is the hand chart for the five card stud game.

  • {A, K, X, X, X} is not a poor hand when you are playing head up in the game.

  • All the pairs made through 8’s could be good in 5 card stud as long as you are noticing the dealt card to your opponent in the real game.

  • Pair made through 9’s with Ace will have high chances of winning in the five card stud game. It is advised to believe in such hand even when you are at a full ring table. The thing that can worry you is one of your opponents has pair and he is not going to fold because he finding chances to bluffing.

  • Set of pairs could be a monster in 5 card stud game without any hesitation. And it will be more responsible when all the players on the table get on with the bluffing. This gives an excellent chance because your opponent might believe that you have just got one pair. So this tricks works all the time in 5 card stud game.

  • The trips have higher chances of winning than with any other hand because it is a very rare possible hand in 5 card stud game.

  • And the last but the best possible hand in 5 card stud game is the higher and that is very rare in the game. This will get you to call every possible bet in the game and until the last and final card is going to be dealt.
5 card stud game rules

The 2014 has a new era for the five card stud game. This game has recognized for all brand new game and it is certain that 2015 would see new realms for 5 card stud game.

Many poker rooms now offering and a player can enter into such rooms to play 5 card stud game rules. Below are the rules to play five card stud game for players.

It is general card game but the 5 card stud game rules are slightly different in real that what being played on the online rooms. In difference of dealing of the last card face down and in reality it is dealt face-up, that makes it slighter different but obviously it doesn’t affect a lot with the strategy or with the game. In steps I advised the below step for players.

  • Ante
  • The first round covers of dealing with the one face down card to each player on the table and one face up card and it follows a betting round.
  • Now each player will be given one face up card and that follows another betting round.
  • This time, each player will be given one more and final face up card and that will end up with the final round of betting.
  • This is the last time to calculate the hands and player with the highest and best hand would be announced as the winner of the 5 card stud game.

You can see it is very simple game. It is easy to learn and to play 5 card stud game rules and this also gives a good idea when you are not ready to play such hard games like Texas Holdem, 7 card stud game, Omaha, etc,

7 card stud HiLo games

In 7 card stud HiLo games, there are many strategies need to follow when you are playing as an expert on the table.

A few major important things like observations and few factors that need to emphasize into your 7 card stud HiLo games strategy need to be on your head while you are playing.

If you have known how to handle your card, so, now this is the right time to dig out what cards your opponents are playing with and what strategies is on their mind.

To read it is very important to consider that you need to play well with your own card and also having an ease to figure out your opponent hands. Below are the few important tips that you can keep on your mind before you play.

  • You need to watch carefully the card dealt up on the table for you and your opponents. These cards can reveal the potential hand you and your opponent would have later in the 7 card stud HiLo games. This gives you a remarkable idea what card your opponents are want to make their high and low hands and so you. Memorizing cards of every player on the table gives you a great idea for your achievement in the game.

  • 4’s & 5’s is the best card in 7 card stud high/low game that could let you make the best hand in the game. It may not be possible for you to take care of the paired door card every now and then in the game so you are advised to continue with the hand with the first three cards. You need to identify weather your cards are the best hands on the table and are you able to defeat your opponent with them.

  • In 7 card stud Hi/Lo games your opponents may need that one last card that that could the game. This becomes more stupid when they are aiming to the half of the pot and still not able to make their best high hand or the low hand. These could be very healthy for your opponents to become the winner but the chances are very rare that they will receive their desired card. It is advised to make hands that is possible to get later in the games otherwise don’t go for such big high or low hand in the 7 card stud high/Low game.
7 card stud HiLo games

In this 7 card stud HiLo games article you will study the intermediate strategies for the player to remember in the 7 card stud HiLo games.

  • For a good player in 7 card stud HiLo games, early folding of your hand is called a good strategy. You need to use your mental strength whether your hands have winning potential or not. If there meets something you may go for few ma ore time to develop a good hand in the game. You can wait till the 4th street to have something that can work out for you.

  • If you believe in yourself not to fold at the stage you may avoid folding your hands. You can go on with your hand and compare the cards with the card onboard. If it sounds you convincing with your hand and that because of dead cards on the board. You need to remain in the game and continue with the hand.

  • You need to question yourself sometimes in the game. If you cannot scoop your hand even when you are on 4th or 5th street still you have to analyze that are these hands dominating in the game? If you are sure than your low hand or high hand is dominating then this is the only case you can look forward to half of the pot. In case you doubt that you have only 2nd, 3rd best hand you are looking for the half of the top. This is the situation that can get you into trouble.

  • Focusing more on the best hand and to avoid worse hands can make sometimes situation a little odder. But aggressive betting and raising can really help you as an outcome of the best player on the table. Checking is always sound a poor strategy. You are just going to give away the free cards to your opponents. If you call your opponent’s bet just go on doing it and save so you can bet as soon as possible. If you fold your opponent’s bet you can check without any hassle.

  • This is the last but very important strategy for intermediate level players. You have practice enough as a good beginner player and now you have gone into some as a top-notch player. You need to advance your strategy with some mind game development. You can read your opponent’s move and game plan, so, you must confuse your opponent player mixing up the game. What can you do to mix the thing up to confuse your opponent?                                                                                  

You can bluff when you are not ready to raise or bet early in the 7 card stud HiLo games.

You can also be aggressive with your aggressive opponent to get them worries.

These things can make your opponents nail down and they will feel very confused and may check or vary their hands.

7 card stud HiLo games

It is one of the important things to remember that starting hands need to be developed as best low hand and high hand while playing in 7 card stud HiLo games. The card that has dealt at the first round may go till the end and give you a chance to develop a good hand.

The reasons to concentrate with the high and low hand at the beginning is that they are hardly can convert from high to low or from low to high hands in seven card stud HiLo games.

Some player try to convert their game to win only half of the pot that will land you sometimes nowhere and you may lose the 7 card stud HiLo games.

Being concentrate on both of the hands gives you great chances to win in either condition. Some of the starting hands in seven card stud HiLo games could be as below:

{Ace, Ace, 7}

{Ace, Ace, 8}

{Ace, Ace, 6}

{Ace, 7}

{7, 7, 7}

{8, 8, 8}

{Ace, Ace, Ace}

{3, 4, 5}

These hands have high strength for the 7 card stud HiLo games if you follow great guidelines to play accordingly.

  • You need to fold your hand if you are delivered a card over 8 faces up on the 4th street.

  • Low pair may not increase your chances to win but the medium pairs could be that can be developed as a good card later in the game. Medium pairs are considerably good to choose because they could have you better low hands and better high hands. If you go for low/high pairs that either can be developed as higher hands or lower hands and you may only target half of the pot.

  • You need to play aggressively in the 7 card stud HiLo game. If you have got high hand tries to play very aggressively with raise, re-raise your hands to put yourself a great chance to win.

  • You should avoid choosing the high hand and low hand at the same time in 7 card stud HiLo games. You may end up losing everything and may not win even that you were able to.

Choosing versatile hands always gives you a great opportunity to win in the 7 card stud HiLo game. The major strategy for a beginner player is the adoptability in the game. You also need to take care of your opponent’s moves and their gaming strategy.

stud 8 or better

There is 5 round altogether in the card stud 8 or better. In limit games bets and raises are need to be equal and in no limit games, it totally depends which round of betting is going on.

In 1st and 2nd round bet and raise needs to be equal but in 3rd, 4th and 5th round bet need to be size of the high limit bet size. The betting round in stud 8 or better will goes as below:

3rd street

First 2 cards will be dealt with each player and it will be face down. It will follow the next card to each player face up in stud 8 or better. The one who receives the lowest card will start the bet with half the low limit.

This player will have right to raise by betting full low limit. Play of the game will proceed clockwise on the table. The entire player can raise, fold and bet as necessary in the game.

4th street

At this stage 4th card will be delivered with the face up to each player on the table. Player in stud 8 or better with the high hand will take action first in the game.

Players can choose to fold, bet and raise at any time in this stage. If there is a tie takes place then the player next to the dealer will have the right to take action first.

5th street

Now, the 5th card will be given to each player and it will be face up. Play moves with the high hand first. Besides, all bets and raises must be equal to high limit bet.

6th street

Now another card will be delivered to each player and it will be face up. Play will start from the previous round of betting. The player with the high hand will bet first and now bets and raises need to meets the size of the high limit bet.

7th street

Here, the 7th and final card will be delivered to each player and game starts from the last round of betting. Bet and raise needs to be equal to the high limit bet size.

It may not be possible that the entire player will be on the table. Here, a single card will be put on the table face up and players will be free to use.


Those players who have not folded their hands at the betting round would have an option to show their hands right here. Players in stud 8 or better who bet at the last will show his cards first on the table and this will goes clockwise direction.

Player will also have the right to much their hands if they don’t feel like they will win the pot. This is a good strategy to muck hands to not allow your opponents to see what cards you have been playing with.

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