Poker hands ranking

Poker hands made up with 5 playing cards and come into many groups like pairs, straight, flush, etc, the one with the higher playing cards always win in the game. There are possibilities of tie if the both the players has same category but he wins who has higher cards in the two’s.

I would like to define these playing cards with the higher cards to the lower cards in the poker games.

Straight Flush: cards are in sequence are called straight flush. If ties happen higher cards win to lower cards. The highest flush is AKQJT and so the 5432A is lowest cards.

4 of a kind: among the 5 cards the four similar numeric cards is called 4 of a kind. Of course, higher wins to the lower. People also had known it as quads.

Full house: 2 similar cards among 5 is called 3 of a kind and also known as a full house. The highest pairs win in the situation of the tie.

Flush: flush creates when all cards come from the same suit. In case of a tie, the highest card is compared and if matches then the second-highest and so on.

Straight: the numeric sequence of 5 cards is called straight; it could be any 5 cards. Higher the flush maximum will be the chances to win. Highest straight is AKQJT and the lowest is the 5432A.

3 of a kind: 3 numeric cards in the hand are called 3 of a kind. The higher hand will win and in case of tie 2 kickers can be used to deice the tie.

2 pair: the two similar cards in a hand are called 2 pair. So, there is the need of a minimum of two pair to stand with this. If the top pair is equal with the opponent then the bottom pair will decide the winner. If both the pair is equal then the least card will use to break the tie.

Pair: 2 cards among five having same numeric value forms the pair. Higher pair will win the game. If pairs are equal with the opponent then the kickers will be used to break the tie. Higher kicker will win the tie.

High card: this is the least good cards if you didn’t have any of the above while playing. The higher cards among your hands will be the high cards. In the situation of the tie with the opponent, it is compared from top to bottom until one has higher cards to win.

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