An introduction to the nuts of Omaha poker games

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Omaha is one of the very famous high stakes poker games. Omaha poker games are widely known for its fast action variation because players can make a whole of hands in this game. Comparing to Texas Holdem, Omaha poker games can be real fun with variations are available with the hands. So, possibilities of making […]

Very similar to the Texas Holdem games, positioning plays a vital role in Omaha poker games as well. Some people consider it is to be more important when assuming the possible combinations made by a player for an Omaha hand in Omaha poker games. If a player sits in his favorite positions he could watch […]

Whether we are talking about live or online poker rooms, Omaha has now become a new trend among the poker players and it is now second most played game in the world of poker. For a format like limit or pot limit gaming the Omaha is now most played game. These are the two most […]

Fixed limit Omaha: the betting rules

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

In fixed limit Omaha the betting rules for the limits are fixed. You cannot decide on your own or the big blind or the later of the game decides it. The bet size decides the size of the game. In fixed limit Omaha the betting rules for the limits are fixed. You cannot decide on […]

Pot limit Omaha: Important rules of Omaha

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

The Omaha poker games are getting viral in recent times. Live gaming and online gaming both has surged a great popularity of Omaha among the poker players. The Omaha variations have become the second highest played poker now with the online high stakes. Let’s know the pot limit Omaha rules: Small blind is the person […]

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