• You don’t need to play every hand (prefer to fold)

This is one of the most common mistakes made by any beginner or a poker player that they go for every hand. When you know you are starting out to play poker it means playing every hand isn’t a great idea. Playing all the hands doesn’t mean that you have more chances of winning all the hands. The hands just simply mean that you have got chances to play and you have the options to decline the hands that you don’t want to.

  • Don’t play when you’re drunk

It will not be a good idea. After all, your nervous system is not working that properly as it is usual. If you ask anyone they simply tell you; playing with more control on brain would be better that playing with less control. After all, major decisions to play with hands and go for playing the online poker games will be all yours.

In the matter of fact, a person even just having a few drinks would be far lesser at play than someone who is not drunk. This is highly advised to not go for such play. You may lose from someone who is far weaker than you.

  • Don’t bluff for everything

Most of the poker players believes that the bluffing is very part of the poker games but actually it is not. There is no rule that you have to bluff in the game. It is all depends upon you. Many poker players believe that they would have won if they have bluffed a lot but in fact you don’t have to bluff a lot.

Yes bluffing could be good chance to win at online poker games but it is all based on certain situations and taking in mind that you whom you are playing against. So better not bluff for simply bluffing but bluff for real.

  • Don’t stay on a hands because you’ve been with it

This is another common mistake made by many poker players that they prefer to go on believing that they had much in the pot and they cannot discontinue. Well, forget this; you cannot win a game simply just by having money to play more on.

The pot odds can have different cases and the opponents can have better hands than you. It is simply better if you don’t stay with hands that cannot let go anywhere.

  • Never call the end of hand to show your honesty

This follows the previous tips that a player never shows his hands at the end of the play even though you had winning hands or loosing hands. Just simply ignore this by saying, “that other had better hands and you knew it quite earlier but you just foolishly keep on going. It will not let you spoil your money for nothing but will gain you the opponents ideas for what they are playing and what hands had them belief they could win.

  • Don’t play while you’re not in good mood

Of course, it will not be a good choice to play poker games when you are not in a good mood. After all, this is the game of brain and when you don’t have concentration there are highly chances you may end up losing the game.

You may start a game and just because of your different mood or a bad mood leads you to play with every hand however this may not suits your gaming strategy. During poker games these are the factors that matter a lot. Even though you have poor opponent but the chances of winning could have them much better than before.

  • Take care of the cards you have on table

It is good enough if you just pay attention on the cards because these are the cards you are going to play with on the table. Some of the major games could lead you winner or loser just because of the hands you had on the table before you starts off.

You should have to pick up the hands you have got and figuring it out with the earlier hands of the opponents, will it be any profitable for you and how long you would like to play with this hand.

  • Pay high attention on other players on the table

This is the best of the game to keep a high attention on the opponent on the table. While you don’t have hand to play on the table but still you should have to watch the other players how they are behaving and figuring out with their raising of hands. You can keep these in mind for the future hands when you play with same players.

  • Don’t go for very high limits

There are the times when players could go for very high limit games than usual they don’t. it is often because they have been winning for the lower level of cards with the same players. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean they all will get poor hand all the time, so, it is much better to watch out before you go for very high limits.

  • Pick the right gaming for your skill level

Sometimes, stake gets rise but it all depends on the hands one has to play with. You cannot be best at the table for every hand. If you are making money with the lower stacks you should continue with the same game and possible with the higher amount of the money. If you have got the right chance manifold it for millions of time. Swing up and down sometimes at very higher limits is bigger and profitable.

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