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There are some great playable hands in seven card stud game and i am going to show you some of the excellent hands you should memorize before you go and play.

High trips: try to play these hands at fastest in 7 card stud game. These are the hands of 3 Ace’s to 101010. The other players can put on you with their high pair hands.

Low trips: try to play this hand safely and slowly as long as the 5th street doesn’t arrive. This hand is 999 to 222. With your slow progress on the game, opponent would have no clue about your hand.

High pair: try to play this hand fast. You can break or concealed this hand depend on the time. This hand is AA to 1010. You need to play this faster before you make another good hand.

Low pair: this is recommended to play these hands slowly in 7 card stud game. This is the low pair and advised to fold it if the key cards went dead on the board.

Concealed low pair: try to play slowly until the 4th street arrives. If both pairs gone dead it is time to fold it straight away.

High overcards: these are the cards that are made up of 2-3 cards that have higher values on the board than anything. You can fold it if this is not going to make a high pair with the next card.

High 3 card flush: this means that 2 high cards needed like 2H 10H KH. Fold it right away if the 3 or plus cards made the suit dead. You can play slowly and check fold at the moment.

High 3 card straight: you should play very slowly and can check fold if these cards don’t get you high pair for the 4 card. E.g. (9 10 J) (JQK)

Any 3 cards to a straight flush: you should play slowly and fold if 4 or 4 plus cards are gone dead. Also, you can check fold if this is not going to get you a straight or flush.

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